Retractable baby gates are very light weighted plastic barriers used to create a barrier for the babies to go to certain places in the house. They are made of light plastics and can be drawn back and forth. They can be used to block pathways or stairways for babies. They are comfortable to use which made them popular among new parents. Although being convenient to use due to some concerning safety features it is better not to choose it.

Are Retractable Baby Gates Safe for Top of Stairs

Are Retractable Baby Gates Safe for Top of Stairs? (Details)

The feeble structure is one of the prime reasons retractable baby gates not being a safe option for the protection of a child. Retractable baby gates are made of lightweight plastic material. As a result, if a baby leans on it or pushes against it, it may not be able to resist the force which might result in a serious accident.

Unstable anchoring is another concern that needs to be considered. A secured method of attaching the gates to the wall or floor is absent in most retractable gates. So it might cause shifts in the gates leaving a dangerous gap through which a child could slip through.

Lastly, being made up of lightweight plastics might cause obstruction for the parents to monitor their child playing near the staircase.

A Parent’s Honest Review of a Retractable Baby Gate for the Top of the Stairs

Alternatives to Retractable Baby Gates

Not all baby gates are made with equal safety precautions. If you find retractable baby gates not to be a safer option for the safety of your baby, there are many better options other than this. Here is one of the most popular alternatives to consider:

Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates:

The most secure baby gates are hardware-mounted baby gates. These gates are attached to the walls or doorway with screws or any additional hardware which helps the baby gates to stay in their position. The chances of this gate shifting are so much lesser though it might require some installation which can be tricky for someone. To make sure it is being used properly the screw must be checked on a regular basis to make sure it is not loosened up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better to Put a Gate at the Top or Bottom of the Stairs?

Usually, it is better to put a gate at the top of the stairs as it is the most dangerous part of a household. Serious accidents might take place if a child slips through the stairs. But at the same time, it also varies from household to household. Sometimes it might be better to put the gate at the bottom of the stairs.

What Type of Gate Is Best at the Top of the Stairs?

Hardware-mounted gates are the best option to be used at the top of the stairs. As these gates are screwed or bolted to the wall, this ensures the safety and stability of the gate

How Do You Install Baby Gate on Top of Stairs?

Careful measurements and preparation must be taken before installing the baby gates. First one must take measurements of the doorways or stairs before installing. Then order according to the measurement. Then one should mark the wall on either side of the stairs, where the top of the gate will be mounted. Use a stud finder to locate the studs, and then drill pilot holes into the wall and attach the gate hardware. Lastly, slide the gate into the hardware and ensure that it is stable and secure.

Which Way Should a Stair Gate Open at Top of Stairs?

A stair gate should always be opened from the top of the stairs. Or else there is a high chance of a child opening the gate and falling down the stairs.

Can You Use Pressure Mounted Gate at Top of the Stairs?

It is not safe to use a pressure-mounted gate at the top of the stairs. Pressure-mounted stairs are attached to the wall by applying pressure rather than using any screws. So it is not at all wise to use it at the top of the stairs.

Final Thoughts

Though retractable gates are the most popular choice of parents, it is not the safest option. Being lightweight, poor anchoring system, and lack of visibility make it unsafe for a child. These types of gates may increase the chances of accidents if they are being shifted by any chance.

But fortunately, there are safer options such as hardware-mounted gates, that provide more strength, stability, and visibility. For these reasons, it is best to avoid using retractable baby gates at the top of stairs.

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