Your entertainment center should be baby-proof if you have small children. Baby gates are necessary to keep your children from accessing areas you don’t want them to, like the television. also, You can get baby gates for the tv stand and use them to help prevent them from reaching things they shouldn’t be playing with. However, it can be difficult to find one that is suitable for your specific needs. This baby proofing guide covers the best baby gates for your entertainment center. Check out our list of the 5 best baby gates for tv stands.

Best Baby Gates For Tv Stand


Best Baby Gates for Entertainment Center

Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal baby gate
Toddleroo by North States
3 in 1 Metal baby gate
Costzon Baby Safety Gate 115 Inch Length 5 Panel Adjustable Wide Fence
Bonnlo Tv Stand Baby Gate
(122-Inch Wide Configurable)

1. Toddleroo by North States – Overall the Best Baby Gate for TV Stand Safety

Toddleroo by North States - Overall the Best Baby Gate for TV Stand Safety

Toddleroo by North States 3 in 1 Metal baby gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

Toddleroo by North States Safety gate will do just what you’re looking for. It is a child safety gate that you can use to keep your children away from the tv stand area of your living room. This Safety gate folding baby gate is portable, lightweight, and very easy to use, no assembly is required. Simply open up the gate, place it wherever you want, and close it. This gate is perfect for rooms like the living room or a kitchen where you want to keep your kids away from the tv stand or entertainment center.

Toddleroo by North States gate makes life easier for parents worried about their babies getting into places they shouldn’t be, yet allows you to easily move around it all when you need to. If you need a safe way to keep your kids from accessing the tv stand or entertainment center of your living room, look no further than Toddleroo by North States Safety Fences.

This Toddleroo baby gate is designed to help parents keep their children out of the TV, computer, and entertainment center area of your living room. This baby gate does this job perfectly because it is made from heavy gauge steel that has been powder coated white to blend in with your furniture. Toddleroo by North States Safety gate’s 3″ tall solid frame prevents even crawling babies from going underneath it or climbing over it. And with its special pinch-resistant design and safety straps, Toddleroo by North States Safety gate is the only baby gate you can use around your TV stand.

Toddleroo by North States Safety gate is an all-in-one solution to keeping your child away from your tv stand and entertainment center. This baby gate allows you to focus on what you’re doing in the living room, not keeping an eye on your toddler who has ventured over to the television stand. This gate is made of steel and assembles in minutes, so installation is as simple as attaching its three hooks to the back of your entertainment center.

Pros & Cons of Toddleroo by North States

Things We Like:

  • Very easy to set up. There are no tools required if you are simply attaching the pieces from end to end!
  • When assembled in the play yard format, it has a solid construction and is heavy enough that it does not need to be hardware mounted.
  • Each hinge has grips on the bottom for better traction.
  • Multiple sets can be joined together to form any shape you want.
  • This gate is very sturdy and appears to be almost indestructible, as it is made entirely of metal except for the plastic connectors.
  • Has rubber padding on the bottom and will not scratch the floor.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Price is a little high but worth the quality

2. Costzon Baby GateBest for Baby Proofing Entertainment Center

Costzon Baby Safety Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

Costzon Baby Safety Gate is a wonderful choice of baby safety and tv stand gate. As a 3-panel safety gate, it is more functional and effective for entry control. The panel with the door can be in any position in the middle, please do not install it on the edge for better protection. Meanwhile, it’s easy to install, just hook onto the top of the door or wall with the turn latches, no screws needed. Little spaces between slats are not wide enough for babies to slip through.

Costzon’s child safety gate is a baby gate designed to provide safety for the tv stand area and a decor look in your living room. It is constructed of durable tubular steel which prolongs its lifetime. The heavy-duty gate can be locked and opened easily for coming in and out. It creates a special space for your baby to play freely on their own securely, creating a safe space for them where they can be observed by an adult at all times.

This tv stands guard baby gate is not only a baby safety gate for the entertainment center of your home but also an ideal fireplace fence in winter. Made from highly durable tubular steel, it features adjustable, rotating joints which allow you to position it into just the right shape for your space. The high-quality hardware allows you to adjust it to fit any doorway up to 36 inches wide. This tv stand baby gate takes very little time to install, check the manual for easy installation.

Pros & Cons of Costzon Baby Safety Gate

Things We Like:

  • It is easy to install because all joints easily rotate and lock for secure attachment.
  • Very sturdy and well-made!
  • The handle is easy to operate with one hand.
  • may work as a stand-alone play area with optional extensions

Things We Don’t Like:

  • We wish it had a sixth panel because the shape is odd, but it’s overall great.

3. Bonnlo Tv Stand Baby GateBest Baby Gates For Tv Stand

Bonnlo Tv Stand Baby Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Can’t get your kids to stay out of your TV stand or Entertainment Center? Bonnlo tv stand gate is a baby gate that helps you keep your children safe from your entertainment center. With its innovative design, the gate will stay open if you open the door a little past 90 degrees so you don’t have to worry about bending over to close it again. It is easy to assemble and can be easily attached to most flat surfaces. The product comes with installation screws and wall mounts, but they are not necessary to use the product as a simple baby gate. With its adjustable width, this versatile baby gate fits openings up to 33″, fitting through most doorways with ease and expanding vertically up to 32.25″. This allows it to be used in multiple areas of your home while keeping your children safe.

The Bonnlo TV Stand Baby Gate has been designed to help you create a safe haven for you and your child. The stand baby gate has 2 adjustment options: 2 extra-wide pressure bars and 4 large non-slip rubber pads that allow the gate to ensure that it is firmly installed in its place. The safety gate extra wide prevents the possibility of your child squeezing through when at maximum extension. Furthermore, the auto door design allows you to open doors with one hand and does not need to lean on the door handle or have a free arm. Perfect for keeping out any pets or children, this baby gate is also easy to install, requiring no tools and the use of a variety of different surfaces. With a weight allowance of up to 50 kgs and an extension height of 139 cm, this handy baby product will make sure you can safely keep your children away from dangerous things.

Do you want to keep your children safe from your TV Stand in certain parts of your home? This Tv Stand baby Gate by BONNLO allows you to do just that. This baby gate will help keep children away from hazardous areas such as stairs, tables, and other parts of the home. The four-panel gate is 29.5″ tall and is great for any room in the home where a child needs to be kept away for safety.

Pros & Cons of Bonnlo Tv Stand Baby Gate

Things We Like:

  • Multi-use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight but sturdy enough
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Made of high quality metal, it is durable and long lasting

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Assembly and installation are a little difficult

4. Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate for Baby Proofing TV Area

Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate

Editor’s Rating: 4.6/5

The Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate™ for tv stand is the best baby gate for your tv stand area. This baby gate will fortify the area around your entertainment center, keeping your children away from it. The size of this baby gate can also be customized so that it provides the level of security and convenience that you crave for both yourself and your children. The Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate for tv stand is a baby gate that allows you to configure it to the exact dimensions between your tv stand and the wall nearby it. It is constructed from durable steel and will be sure to help keep small children away from your entertainment center.

Use Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate for a childproofing or baby proofing solution for your TV and entertainment center. The gate is lightweight and portable and can be custom designed to fit your entertainment area. It installs in either a permanent or semi-permanent manner. Construct-A-SafeGate creates an unfall zone around your entertainment center with an advanced free-standing design, which allows the gate to stand 6 inches away from the wall.

The Qdos Construction a-safe gate for tv stand is a tension mounted gate that is used to block entry between two points, such as an opening between rooms or from one level to another. The baby gates are made of solid steel and can be space up to three feet apart to fit any area. They are sturdy, secure and easy to use. The chrome finish gives it a high quality look, which makes it stand out in any nursery or your living room.

This baby safety gates are designed to make sure your child is safe. By selecting the correct size and strength of baby gates, you can help prevent accidents and injuries in your home. The Gate is perfect for keeping your children away from the tvs and fireplaces in the living room. It saves you time as you won’t have to clean behind your tv every month because your kid likes to reach almost every electronic device possible by them including the fireplace.

Pros & Cons of Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate

Things We Like:

  • Perfect baby gate for tv stand area
  • A sturdy, quality gate for a reasonable price
  • Easy to install and move around if needed
  • Great value for money

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Using outdoors may cause rust

5. Sandinrayli Safety Fence – Baby Gate to Go Around TV Stand

Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence

Editor’s Rating: 4.5/5

Protect your expensive entertainment system and other valuables by setting up a baby gate that’s designed specifically to keep the little ones away! The Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence is ideal for any living space that has an entertainment center, and it doesn’t require tools or hard-to-follow installation instructions. It features a strong, sturdy build along with an attractive design that won’t ruin the look of your entertainment center. The Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence includes all the parts you need, and it’s backed by a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials from the manufacturer.

Sandirayli TV Stand Safety Fence is the ideal way to protect your family against tipping accidents, as well as, falls and other injuries. The TV safety fence extension is sturdy and will not tip over, even when you try to pull it out of the wall. It is made of steel and has nylon end caps which will stop children from hurting themselves on sharp corners and edges. You can install this baby gate quickly and easily, and it does not require any tools or drilling. The Sandirayli fence wraps around your furniture like a hoop, forming a protective barrier that helps prevent babies from rolling into the edges of open doors and cabinets, or up onto dangerous sofas or chairs. It’s also equipped with a 2-way opening, which lets you walk through easily while keeping your child safe on the other side. Best of all, this baby gate for around tv stand will keep children safe by baby-proofing.

Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence is a classic design baby gate to meet children’s safety needs in your living room. This high-quality baby gate has the main goal of keeping children safe and away from dangerous areas such as electrical outlets, fireplaces, and drop-offs behind cabinets. The innovative design like Regalo gates gives you peace of mind that your little one is safe while making your home look great. Durable and stylish, Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence enhances the look of any room while ensuring safety and comfort for your child. Sandinrayli TV Stand Safety Fence is a baby safety gate that can be attached to any flat surface and fits easily within the reach of children. Lightweight, compact and very versatile, this baby gate ensures maximum safety for the baby in your house.

Review from a real user – “We bought this fence to keep our toddler’s hands off our 65-inch television. So far, it has proven to be really efficient in keeping him out. I appreciate how it can function as a standalone playpen or even a fireplace cover. It was easy to put together and well-made. I wish we had gotten it sooner.

Pros & Cons of Sandinrayli Safety Fence

Things We Like:

  • The installation is quite easy.
  • Very sturdy and secure when closed
  • Self-closing feature makes it easy to open or close the gate with one hand
  • appears to be better than the most of gates
  • also Perfect to keep our toddler away from the fireplace

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Since the wall attachment brackets are limited, you may have to McGuire the thing on your wall, which may make it less sturdy.

How To Child Proof Your Living Room?

Get The Baby Lodge TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps.

How to baby proof a TV with Anti-Tip Anchor Straps?

Get The Baby Lodge TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps.

How do I baby proof entertainment center?

Steps to Baby Proof Your Entertainment Center:

  • Anchor your TV to the TV stand or to the wall.
  • Clear the clutter.
  • Add a cabinet safety latch or childproof lock.
  • Install a custom plexiglass shield in front of your shelves.
  • Add a button shield to cover the panel on your TV.
  • Use outlet covers to cover outlets and power strips.
  • Hide your cords with a cord concealer or a zip tie.
  • Cover sharp corners with a simple corner protector.
  • Use a child safety gate.

Get entertainment center baby proofing items here.

How do you baby proof a TV stand?

There are a few things that you can do to baby proof your TV stand. One of the simplest ways is to install some cable locks on the handles so that children cannot pull the TV stand away from the wall. You can also add a child safety gate to keep little ones out of reach.

You can also buy a locking screen for your TV stand. This will help keep children from touching the TV and causing damage.

Baby gates for TV stands are a great way to keep your little ones safe and away from the entertainment area. There are so many options when it comes to baby gates for TV stands, but not all of them are childproof. You can choose from adjustable, portable, or stationary baby gates depending on your needs.

The best option would be the one that allows you to put it around the edge of the entertainment center and behind the television so that your children cannot reach the TV stand. If you have any questions or need help choosing a good baby gate for a TV stand, please let us know in the comments below!

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