If you’re on the hunt for an umbrella stroller with a snack tray, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll be reviewing the best umbrella strollers with snack trays on the market. We’ll tell you what to look for when choosing an umbrella stroller with a snack tray, and we’ll also share our top picks.

So whether you’re looking for the best value, the best features, or the best overall stroller, be sure to read our review before making your final decision.

Best Umbrella Strollers with snack tray

We recommend here the 7 best umbrella strollers with snack trays. Among them, Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller is the best stroller for its extremely lightweight, amazing snack trays and cup holders. Most of these strollers are featuring compact and easy folding systems along with snack trays and storage systems. The readers must read the article carefully to choose the right one for them.

Top 7 Best Umbrella Strollers with Snack Tray

Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller
  • Snack trays with cup holders
  • One-hand Easy Folding System
  • Multiple positioned System
  • 3-panel canopy with an accessible basket
Graco Connect Stroller
  • 3 in one service
  • Removable Cover
  • Reversible system Connectivity
  • Locking front wheels
Graco verb Stroller
  • Extra Attachment System
  • Nice setting up structure
  • Seating adjustment
  • Structure with Suspension
Chicco Lightweight Stroller
  • Detachable child tray Innovative
  • Handling System
  • Adjustable Seating
  • Service Compact and Simple Structure
Chicco Quick-Fold Stroller
  • Maneuverable Design
  • Comfortable Ride for baby
  • Suitable for parents
  • Easy Maintenance
Joovy Kooper Traveler Stroller
  • Multiple color collection
  • Reclining seat adjustment
  • Nice storage and tray
  • Overprotective Canopy
Graco Literider LX Stroller
  • Removable Snack Trays
  • Car seat compatibility
  • Compact folding system with no hand movement
  • Reclining position with 3 or 5 points of the harness

1. Kolcraft Lightweight Stroller

Are you looking for a lightweight stroller with snack trays? Then Kolcraft Lightweight stroller is the right option for you. You will be just amazed by its lightweight feature.

This stroller is a lightweight stroller with snack trays featuring a weight of 11.8 Lbs. It includes two nice trays for you and your baby with cup holders. You can easily plan up a short trip with sufficient food with this stroller.

Key features

Snack trays with cup holders

It is mentioned earlier that the stroller includes two snack trays one for parents and another one for the baby. It includes cup holders as well so that you can hold your coffee and baby’s feeder effectively during tour time.

One-hand Easy Folding System

The stroller features a simple and compact design with an easy folding system. You can even fold the stroller using one hand. You will experience an amazing service with this stroller.

Multiple positioned System

You can easily move the seat according to your baby’s comfort. The stroller features a multiple-positioned system. You can flexibly fix it and set it as you wish. You just don’t need to worry about your baby’s comfort.

3-panel canopy with an accessible basket

It is the special feature of the stroller to get a 3-panel canopy to provide extra sun protection to your child and an accessible basket to move it fluently. This stroller is very flexible to use.


  • 5 points of harness enable the baby to be tucked into the seat
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight stroller
  • Nice reclining system
  • Snack trays with cup holders


  • None so far

2. Graco Connect Stroller

Do you need an umbrella stroller with a special car seating system? Then Graco Connect Stroller is the right one for you. The producer even offers a car seat to sell separately to ensure your baby’s comfort. It is in the top lightweight stroller of the Graco brand.

The stroller contains two trays and two extra cup holders. You can carry proper food with you. It is a universal food tray stroller ever to be used.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Key features

3 in one service

The stroller contains a multiple seat positioning system, as you have been informed earlier, that an extra seat is being sold with it. You can adjust the seat to the stroller for your baby’s comfort. You can adjust the seat as your little infant can sleep. You can also adjust the seat with a suitable position as your infant can sit comfortably. It is called toddler seat adjustment.

Removable cover

The stroller features 3 to 5 points of harness. You can remove the cover as your baby grows up.

Reversible system

You can move the seat even reversely. You can let your baby face you or the world. It depends upon you.


The stroller is well structured with technology. You can connect an extra seat to the stroller by clicking the system.

Locking front wheels

The front wheels of the stroller are swivel and locked to avoid accidents. This feature enables you to keep balance properly.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Universal with seats and trays
  • Swivel front wheels
  • One-hand folding system
  • Sufficient sun protection


  • It is not washable

3. Graco verb Stroller

If you are looking for a budget-friendly umbrella stroller with a snack tray, then Graco verb Stroller is the correct choice for you. It is a compact stroller with a tray. It provides you amazing service to your new parenthood.

It is the most lightweight stroller featuring less than 20 Ibs and you will be amazed by its excessive portability. It is a good quality stroller indeed.

Key features

Extra attachment system

You can attach an extra Graco infant seat by the clicking system of the stroller. This feature ensures a peaceful adjustment for your baby.

Nice setting up structure

The stroller is lightweight, featuring a large storage basket to carry all kinds of stuff and also two trays with cup holders. It is a full family package set up to make your trip enjoyable.

Seating adjustment

You may have a systematic adjustment with the reclining seat of the stroller. You can easily adjust the seat to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.

Structure with suspension

The stroller is lightweight and the management of the swivel wheel and structural suspension provide your child with a smooth and comfortable ride.


  • Budget-friendly product
  •  Easy folding system
  • 3 to 5 points harness with convertibility
  • Convenient
  • Large storage system


  • Sometimes it is difficult to move on stairs or in clumsy places.

4. Chicco Lightweight Stroller

Are you looking for an extremely travel-friendly stroller? Then Chicco Lightweight Stroller with tray is the correct product for you. It is a nice compact stroller with an easy folding system.

You will get swivel wheels to move it quickly and avoid risky rides. The click-to-click adjustment system enables you to adjust car seats fluently and let your baby have a comfortable position. You will just love it.

Key features

Detachable Child tray

Chicco Lightweight Stroller is an umbrella stroller with a finely detachable child tray. You can easily wash it fluently. You will also get a parent tray with cup holders. This stroller may ensure you an amazing traveling experience more or less.

Innovative Handling System

Besides the compact and simple design, the handling system is very innovative and easy to hold. You will have a carrying handle so that you can easily carry it when you don’t need it.

Adjustable Seating Service

You can easily adjust Infant extra car seats with the stroller. By setting extra seats you can ensure your baby’s finest comfort. It makes the tour amazing.

Compact and Simple Structure

The stroller is simple in every way, you will have a smooth folding system so that you can fold it with one hand, and then the maintenance of the stroller is also easy. You can simply wash it by using hand wash.


  • Expendable canopy
  • Zipped storage system
  • Rubber suspended wheels
  • 3 positioning system of the back
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The wheels are a little bit congested.

5. Chicco Quick-Fold Stroller

If you are looking for an extremely quick-fold stroller, then Chicco Quick-Fold Stroller is the best option for you. You can easily fold it quickly even carrying your baby into your arms.

It offers you every kind of comfort in fixing seats, snack trays, or fixing handles. You will just have a fluent experience to enjoy your tour as well as the baby’s happiness.

Key features

Maneuverable Design

It is convenient to have such an amazing stroller featuring a lightweight frame of aluminum with three wheels and a simple stand-up folding system. There is a button and a strap to pull the seat for easy positioning. The design is so compact, you can even open up the stroller after closing it.

Comfortable ride for baby

The easily adjustable system of the back seat and canopy ensures immense comfort for your baby. It also includes a nice snack tray with cup holders to respond to your baby’s hunger.

Suitable for parents

The push-up handling system, seat adjustable, and large storage system make the stroller suitable for the parents. It also includes a parent tray with cup holders. The front wheels are swivel so that the parents make the baby seat face to them. Most importantly the easy folding system makes the stroller most convenient for the parents.

Easy maintenance

You can clean the stroller using normal hand wash and you can even swipe the handle and the wheels using a normal towel.


  • Lightweight material
  • Padded handle
  • Large basket with front and back adjustable system
  • Accessibility to all Chicco car seats
  • Parking rearing system


  • No peek window in the canopy. 

6. Joovy Kooper Traveler Stroller

If you need a big-wheeled umbrella stroller, then you can go with the option of Joovy Kooper Traveler Stroller. It is an extremely budget-friendly stroller.

Besides the financial facility, you will also get adjustable and fluent facilities of the seat, and a simple holding system with amazing flexibility may blow your mind. If you are a single parent, you should choose.

Key features

Multiple color collection

The stroller offers different amazing shades to enchant your baby. You will have shades like black, olive, forged iron, paprika. Etc. the shades are amazing.

Reclining Seat Adjustment

The stroller can be adjusted with 3 types of seat positions that enable the baby to have a comfortable space. The reclining seat is just awesome.

Nice Storage and tray

The built-in basket enhances the storage system and allows you to keep every single necessary thing with you. It is an umbrella stroller with a child tray. It also includes cup holders that enchant your baby’s mealtime very effectively. You will have a happy tour with this stroller.

Overprotective Canopy

The stroller contains a large zipped canopy that features UPF 50 sun protection to the baby from every angle and also includes a peekaboo window to keep your eye on your baby.


  • Big wheeled stroller to ensure a smooth ride
  • Zipped canopy
  • One-hand folding system
  • No harmful chemical
  • Extra sun protection


  • You need to be a little bit careful while moving on the muddy road.

7. Graco Literider LX Stroller

You will be happy to know that Graco Literider LX Stroller is the second top lightweight stroller of the Graco brand. If your priority is the weight of the stroller, then you can go with it.

It is extremely lightweight, even if it contains trays and a large basket, the weight is 50 pounds, so light enough to provide you with a cool journey. You won’t face any kind of hassles while carrying it.

Key features

Removable Snack Trays

The stroller includes two trays one for parents and one for the baby, both are removable. You can wash them properly. There is a cup holder and a storage holder to hold the necessary things for the tour.

Car Seat Compatibility

Though the stroller does not include an extra seat like the Graco Verb stroller, you can adjust any infant Graco car seat for your baby through a click-to-click system. It is a good stroller for newborn babies.

Compact folding system with no hand movement

You can easily fold the stroller with no hand movement. The folding system is quite compact even though it makes the storage system easy.

2 reclining position with 3 or 5 points of the harness

It features 2 reclining positions to provide comfort for your baby. The feature of 3 or 5 points of harness enables your baby to be effectively strapped on the seat to keep your baby safe and sound.


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Simple and soothing design
  • Large canopy to cover your baby
  • Properly sized basket
  • Lightweight


  •  A little bit small and plastic wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Use of a Stroller Tray?

The tray is used for keeping things. A stroller tray has been attached with the stroller to hold the baby’s food or toy. The parent tray has been used to hold snack items while traveling.

Which brand is the best umbrella stroller with snack tray?

According to the article, we must say The Graco brand umbrella stroller is the best. It offers you three different types of strollers with different features and prices. You can easily have one according to your needs and budget.

Do you keep liquid things on the snack tray?

Yes, you can keep liquid things like cornflakes, milk, porridge, or even water on the snack tray. Though some strollers offer cups for holding liquid things, you can keep liquid things on the snack tray as well but you have to be a little bit cautious.

Are these snack trays durable?

Yes, some of the snack trays are durable and removable. For example, The Graco Literider LX stroller offers a removable snack tray, which you can carry individually. But the snack tray provided with the strollers is durable. You can carry them with you wherever you go.

Are these snack trays excessively resistant?

These snack trays are not excessively resistant, but in some cases they are resistant. These trays are solid and leak-proof. But they are not marked and smell proof.


If you have an umbrella stroller then you can easily plan up a tour with your baby. Now some makers include amazing and sturdy snack trays to make you feel more relaxed while traveling. You can get the proper storage system and snack trays to have your necessary things and food properly.

In this blog post, we have recommended some of the best umbrella strollers with snack trays that can make your choice easier and more effective. You must read this and choose the perfect one for you.

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