Obviously, safety should be the first priority for your toddlers; a small child cannot see the danger lying on the stairs. So it probably always seems interesting towards them. It is a little stressful for parents to find the Best Wooden Baby Gates for Stairs to make home Baby Proof. Luckily, a number of the most effective wooden baby gates for stairs are made up to assist parents in preventing this crazy difficulty!

Let’s learn about the best wooden baby gates for stairs with banisters that will make your house safe for the lovely kid.

Best wooden baby gates for stairs with banisters

What is the best wooden baby gates for stair?

There is no one accurate answer for searching the best wooden baby gates for stairs with banisters. Here we have assembled a comparison list of the best wooden baby gates for stairs that parents can easily pick the right one according to their needs.

IN A HURRY? HERE’S OUR TOP PICKS… Let’s take a quick look at the comparison table.

Top picks: 7 Best wooden baby gates for stairs 

Summer Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit
  • Durable
  • Stylish wood design
  • Fits stairways 32 to 48 feet wide with adaptor kit
  • Secured
Top Rated
Regalo Wooden Extra Wide Stairway Baby Gate
  • Fashionable decor
  • Extra-wide
  • Perfect for top or bottom
  • Safe & adjustable
Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru top of Stairs Baby Gate
  • Wood material and sleek black finish
  • Mounting Type: Pressure or Hardware mount
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • The door can swing easily on both side

1. Summer Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit

Top Of Stairs Baby Gate, Best For Two Banisters

Editor’s Rating: 4.9/5

“The Summer Banister and Stair Gate” can be utilized at the top or bottom of the stairs with banisters on both sides with a dual installation kit. A honey oak finishing & the wood material made the gate very decorative. The safety system of The Summer Banister and Stair Gate is assured you the security for your little one.

No drilling is needed on rectangular banisters. The quick-launch mechanism lets in for clean elimination and re-set up so that you can use this baby gate without problems wherever, or whenever, you want to. Banisters, we recognize that not all homes are installed the same. The installation of the Banister-to-banister is so smooth.

This gate contains a maximum of both single and double banisters. It even works on both round shape and square shape banisters both. There isn’t any drilling needed on rectangular banisters.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Easy installation
  • Stylish & Flexible
  • The installation kit is a part of the hardware to install on both banisters & walls.
  • Highly secured

Things We Don’t Like:

  • It may not be as long-lasting due to the material utilized.

2. Regalo Heritage and Home Wooden Extra Wide Stairway Baby Safety Gate

Wooden Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk-through Baby Safety Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.8/5

“Regalo Heritage and Home Wooden Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk-through Baby Safety Gate with Mounting Kit” are strong, stylish, and practical gates to secure your child around the stairs. This attractive security gate is versatile to accommodate stair openings between 23.542 inches for easy passage.

The included hardware brackets secure the entrance to the wall or railing. Both stylish and secure, the gate utilizes a hinge system to ensure a perfect fit and simple movement.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Fashionable decor
  • Extra Wide
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Convenient and durable
  • Adjustable & safe

Things We Don’t Like:

  • It might be a little difficult to open or close.

3. Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru top of Stairs Baby Gate

best for stair

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

An ideal hardware-mounted baby gate for the top of stairs is “Evenflo Barn Door Walk-Thru top of Stairs Baby Gate (Farmhouse Collection)” with its four-factor mount and control of door swing (which you can adjust to swing in one direction or both). This important child safety lock has a contemporary rustic style that complements your home decor. The option of hardware mounting or pressure mounting indicates you can utilize it practically anywhere, even in really big rooms from 29″ to 43″ wide.

You can comfortably move into action by using the one-handed latch to open the door, with coffee on another hand. Easy for adults to utilize, but not easy enough for a kid or pet to escape. Evenflo has been a global superior in the progress of innovative baby and youth care products for 100 years. Its award-winning products enhance the parenting experience and child development, earning the trust of families caring for their newest and most valuable members.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Easy Install
  • Natural wood appearance
  • Perfect to use at the top

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not sturdy for wider openings

4. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate

Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

If you’re searching for something apart from plastic or steel, this vintage oak option is one of the high-quality wooden baby gates around. Baby proof your residence in a fashionable way with the “Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Baby Gate.” This baby gate will enhance any décor of your home. This hardware hooked-up gate comprises a hallway, doorway, and stairway set up with the covered kit that has delivered mental peace.

Apply the specific Precision Fit Template to make certain correct, clean installation – no measuring needed! The consolation grip deals with makes it smooth to close and open the door with a single hand. This 32” tall child gate can in shape openings as much as 30” to 48” extensive, making it the perfect gate for infants and small pets.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Stylish baby gate
  • Easy to install
  • Accommodates most openings
  • Safe & Secured
  • One-hand release

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Loud

5. Babelio Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern

Metal Baby Gate with Wood Pattern

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

The Easy-open Babelio door is made with an all-steel form with a wooden model and can be installed quickly using the pressure or wall mounting and can be set to fit 2940 inches of openings of width and doors of 30. The gate can be eliminated quickly out from the hole for smooth storage.

When the hole perspective is much less than ninety degrees, the protection gate will mechanically close. The gate can most effectively swing in a single course to keep away from the danger of swinging over the stairs. No extra equipment is needed, and no holes are needed in the wall. The toddler door gate is hooked up easily by both wall-mount and pressure-mount.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Auto-close feature
  • Adjustable
  • Easy setup
  • Universally fits
  • Safe double-lock lever

Things We Don’t Like:

  • For the lack of clear instructions, it is a little hard to put together,

6. Toddleroo by North States Baby Gate:

42″ Stairway Swing Baby Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

To prevent your lovely kid from accessing areas of potential danger, the “Toddleroo by North States 42″ Stairway Swing Baby Gate” is the easy solution for you. Extremely flexible, the sturdy wooden creation of this gate fits perfectly with any home decoration.

This barn door can be utilized in a number of doorways of the room or at the top of stairways from 28″ to 42″ wide and 30″ high. Pets are no problem either – the barn door stair gate makes a great dog guard for your furry friends included and visible. Simple to put in and operate with its single-handed beginning mechanism.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Fits openings 28″- 42″
  • Safety latch
  • One-Handed Opening
  • Swings open in both directions for easy walk-through

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Not designed for use in a high visitor area

7. Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Safety Baby Gate

Most Stylish Baby Gate

Editor’s Rating: 4.7/5

Make your home baby-proof in a stylish way with the “Summer Decorative Wood & Metal Safety Baby Gate.” This gate will supplement any home decoration. Easily set up this baby gate with the no-drill middle gate entry bracket.

With the 3 extensions included, this 32″ tall baby gate fits openings up to 36″ – 60″ wide, forming it the ideal gate for infants and your lovely pets. This baby gate has an additional wide pivoting tilting door that opens in any direction opens and can be used with a single hand for added benefits when passing.

Pros & Cons

Things We Like:

  • Easy installation
  • Stylish & Secured
  • One hand walk thru
  • Accommodates most opening

Things We Don’t Like:

  • You might find it a little difficult to use.

Adaptor kits

Obviously, putting hardware on something round is a bit more complicated than something flat. The three best banisters adaption kits to make your child’s gate work on stairs with handrails that require no drilling is given below-

KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit:

KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit It includes plastic hardware clamp portions that adapt across the put-up with screws and a protected flat piece of timber to secure your gate too.


  • Material: Wood, Plastic
  • Drilling is not necessary
  • Suitable to both hardware-mounted & pressure-mounted gates
  • Can be utilized both bottom or top of the stairways

Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit:

The kit is mainly operated without drilling on pressure-mounted gates and hardware into banisters.  Summer Infant’s Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit provides you with safe brackets and cords so that you can save your wooden décor from drilling.


  • Material: Wood
  • Can be installed both square and round shape banisters
  • Fits both pressure or hardware mounted gates easily
  • Stylish & decorative banister mount

Safety Innovations No hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit:

The Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit permits installation without drilling to newel posts. Anyway, you should watch the installation video because this baby gate requires some experience before you even buy it.


  • Easy to use
  • Fit both round & square banister
  • There are no cheap straps of Plastic

Buying guides

Choosing the proper toddler gate for you may be right all the way down to in which you’re setting it, features, and your very own private choice in phrases of substances and the way it operates. Here are some considerable facts from the get-go:

Installation place:

Any door at the top of a stair obviously requires being completely safe and securing to prevent nasty accidents. In general, hardware-mounted gates swing to be the safest and strongest gates for this place, but it is recommended to use at least one pressure gate at the top of the stairs when used with the cups murals provided.

The wideness of your place:

When your space is over 72 inches, an extra-wide swing door or stair gate (hardware mounted if securing the top of the stairs) will be a suitable requirement for you. If you are an owner of an awkward or tinny place, swing gates may get in the way. Pocket doors roll like a blind man through their homes, out of sight and out of harm’s way.

Height of the baby:

To make your kid discourage an unafraid from hiking over a gate, the only you purchase need to be at least three-quarters of your infant’s height. (Gates ought to be at the least 22 inches high.) If he is tall for his age, go along with a better gate. Normally, though, while an infant is grown than 36 inches or weightier than 30 pounds (generally at approximately 2 years of age), an ordinary protection gate needs to now not be trusted to constrain him.


Pressure healthy gates and journey obstacles are each fantastic in case you need so that it will pass your gate from room to room, or maybe residence to residence. There aren’t any screws, so any unpleasant holes to fear about – it couldn’t be easier. But, in case you want or decide upon hardware-set up gates and would really like something transportable, a few retractable gates include units of hardware mounts and are transportable – simply restoration the mounts anywhere you want them, slide the gate out of the housing, and clip it into the spare mounts (amazing clean to do).

Simple utilization:

It is going with out announcing that toddler gates must be not possible for a small infant to open – however you must be capable of opening it with simplicity and significantly with a single hand.

Sturdy Construction:

Search for strong creation with good finishing. Wood surfaces need to be splinter-free, smooth, and rounded in place of squared edges. Metal is probably extra long-lasting than wood. Many gates have a guide bar that connects the ground underneath the gate, which can motive tripping while the gate is unlocked. Also, search for a label from “the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association,” which verifies that the gate coverage positive protection standards. And test for an everlasting label with the address and name of the distributor, manufacturer, or supplier so that you have an area to touch the product. There need to additionally be a clean caution declaration label.

Installation Flexibility:

Many gates may be established to peculiar regions, which includes stair angled banisters, balusters, and drywall in which there may be no wooden framing at the back of it. But you may need to buy a setup package for those regions. Some gates additionally modify to healthy irregularly formed regions or very extensive ones. You can slide a few hardware-established gates out in their wall mountings, which is an advantage when you are interested and do not need the gate inside the way.

Pet restriction:

If you are a pet lover & have a pet, this is too huge to crush through the bars of a swing gate and too tinny/forced to leap over the gate, then it’s really well worth thinking about a child gate with a puppy door. Pet doorways are the handiest to be had in swing gates.

Try Before You Buy:

If possible, take a look at fashions in the shop to ensure that they may be clean with a purpose to use. Once you select a gate, recall revealing site visitors and or infant sitters the way it works. Warn them to withstand the temptation to jump over the gate instead of open it.

What now no longer to buy:

Old-long-established accordion-fashion gates without a horizontal filler bar on the pinnacle. The gates with the shape of diamond areas among the slats and V-formed openings on the pinnacle pose protection hazards. Newer gates with a comparable appearance have a parallel rail or filler bar throughout the pinnacle to create the gates secure. You may run through gates with the unlock V-form in a secondhand keep or flea market, or possibly a person will provide one to you. But we do not advise them, even those who meet cutting-edge ASTM standards.

frequently asked questions

When should I make baby-proof my house?

You need to protect your home when your baby starts crawling. Protecting the baby can help you stop most damages that occur to babies at home. Most of these incidents are unintentional. In some cases, this can lead to the death of the baby.

Are pressure-mounted baby gates enough secure for the top of stairways?

Pressure-mounted gates are a little unsafe to install at the top of stairways, so never install them that way though you want to ignore drilling holes in walls. Approximately half of all safety gate-related injuries involve tripping or falling in adults trying to step on or jump on one.

What is the possibility of drilling into a banister?

Drilling a stair railing to accommodate wood or wrought iron balustrades is a relatively easy idea that can be accomplished easily by an expert mechanic or with the right tool. Each baluster needs a plumb hole drilled in the handrail centered on the baluster itself.

What is the benefit of using a wooden baby gate?

Wood is a fashionable and appealing material that maximum parents choose for their houses. Unlike steel or plastic fashions which might frequently be an eyesore, wooden child gates are available in plenty of sun sunglasses and designs.

Many parents prefer them due to the fact they integrate well with their modern-day furniture. Most of the wooden baby gates are transportable and lightweight. This may be a totally handy function whilst you want to transport the gate around your house or don’t need to put it in a single area.

How are pet gates different from baby gates?

Pet gates and baby gates have plenty of common things. Both of those gates are commonly supposed to hold your kid, or pets, both inner and outdoor of a place. Both baby and pet gates are crafted from a lot of materials, mainly steel or wood and each can be similarly ideal for both utilizations. Normally, freestanding pet gates are amazing for puppies and little pets; however, they aren’t appropriate for toddlers until there’s regular supervision.

How do you support a wooden gate?

The easiest way to support a gate is to expropriate a slant brace or pressure bar associating one of the hinges to the opposite corner. This adjusts the pressure between each side of the gate.

Final Words:

We have tried to cover all the details that you want to know about the best baby gate for stairs with banisters. Hope you are now more assured about the best option that is more effective for you. If you notice we’ve overlooked something or require updating our recommendations or any kind of your curiosity, don’t hesitate to comment below & let us know about your opinion.

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