Baby gear is costly, and it could be hard to find a highly-rated car seat for below $100. Purchasing a used car seat is not suggested since they have expiration dates. And must not be used if they have ever been involved in an accident (which could be hard to validate).

Luckily, some programs deliver free and cheap-priced car seats to families in need! Keep reading to learn more about the resources obtainable for parents in need of this vital baby gear and get Free car seat programs in Arizona

Free car seat programs in Arizona (2022)

Free car seat programs in Arizona

Phoenix Union High School District 

Phoenix Union High School District has a great program to distribute free car seats. And you can get benefit from it if you live in that part of Arizona. There are several conditions to be met before becoming eligible for the seat. These requirements include low income, and getting elementary safety education. You can get more info here.

Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is working hard to make every child safe in Arizona with more than 12000 children. Those 0 to 19 years of age die from unintended wounds every year. Through Kid Safety Seat Donation Centers, ADHS is issuing car seats from these points.

Marana police

Marana police host car seat protection class at the division’s community room. One car seat is delivered to each family that attends afterward the class is completed.  To learn more about the class or to register for the next class, email [email protected]

As stated by Marana officers, car accidents are the leading reason for death for children between one and 19 years old. A correctly installed car seat; otherwise a booster seat could reduce a kid’s risk of death by 71%.

In Phoenix, you could be on the right side of safety, even on a budget. Some of the resources you could follow contain the Dear Valley school district’s Kid Safety Seats program.

Children Are Priceless Passengers (CAPP)

The Free car seat programs in Arizona decreased Arizona’s children’s injuries and deaths. They educate the public about the appropriate use of kid safety seats. The program gives child safety classes in both English and Spanish and delivers free car safety seats. People are trained by nationally licensed kid safety seat technicians. 

The GOHS works for the organization of the program. It includes providing kid safety seats, materials, videos, and supplies for the class. The program is extended to 9 locations in Arizona. Police, health/social services, fire, and school district all are the trainers. The CAPP Program has been acknowledged nationwide as a model community partnership program. 

Tucson Medical Center 

In Arizona, there is the “Tucson Medical Center,” which offers 600 free car seats and confirms kids’ safety while in cars all over southern Arizona.

This way, more than 32,000 families were educated. And more than 2,800 progenies and their low-income parents got their seats without any expenses!
The first car seat giveaway they held on December 21, 2019. Since then, they have delivered access to many parents and their kids to enter the program. Also, the organization strives to teach the public how to protect the children, and confirm their safety during journeys.

TMC HealthCare serves more than 4,000 kids yearly. In 2018, TMC and SKPC educated more than 32,000 families. And they delivered free car seats or booster seats to over 2,800 families in Southern Arizona. In 2019, they received $30,000 in finance from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety plus 600 seats for low-income families.

Another vital program is established in Arizona. Therefore, we would take a peek at what this state offers its citizens! 

Child Passenger Safety Program 

In Arizona, motor car accidents are a common cause of preventable expiries of children. Using a suitable restraint drastically decreases a child’s or adult’s risk of wound or death.

The Kids Ride Safe Program spreads out to parents about the prominence and precise use of car seats, booster seats, plus restraints. Choosing the correct car seat for your kid can be challenging. It would help if you had to factor in the kid’s age, height, and weight, plus any special needs, the most recent pediatric commendations, and state laws. They host bi-monthly car seat classes as well as car seat checks. Their trained technicians check car seat installations, offer education, and distribute car seats. They also offer special needs discussions for those kids whose health conditions need specialized safety involvement.

Kingman Arizona Car Seat Safety Program 

Kingman Fire is preemptive in keeping our youngest residents safe. They provide info on how to install a car seat correctly. They teach our citizens the appropriate procedures for installing car seats and how to protect a child perfectly. They furthermore have car seats available if you could not afford one or if one was spoiled in a motor car collision.

The number of car seats through grants and donations they receive is limited. This program is kept for the City of Kingman People on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Free car seat programs in Arizona would be conducted one time per week on Wednesday afternoons. And all applicants for the Car Seat Program could select a requested time from the calendar on this website.

The distribution of car seats depends on the number of car seats acquired through donations and grants. And free car seats will only be distributed to applicants who meet the eligibility needs of the program. All applicants seeking a free car seat must complete the Car Seat Eligibility Form. And only one free car seat per family would be allowed.

All applicants must complete the Car Seat Eligibility Form and only one (1) free car seat per family will be allowed. 

Phone: 928-753-2891
[email protected]

Bullhead City Fire Department Child Safety Seat Program 

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among kids ages 3 to 14. This may be partly because 73% of child seats are not installed correctly. The Bullhead City Fire Department is here to help! They offer a car seat class to anybody wanting education on this significant safety issue. 

They also offer free car seats to those who qualify and could not afford one and free car seat checks. Contact me at 928-758-3971  for information on the next available car seat class.

Alternative ways Free car seat programs in Arizona

Car seats can be expensive, and having a baby is already a costly endeavor. If you forgot to buy a car seat or can’t afford one, there are programs that can help. WIC, a health and nutrition program offered at the county level, is one such program. If you qualify for WIC, you may be able to get a car seat free of cost.

If you don’t qualify for WIC, there are other counties and state financial support that may be able to help you. Additionally, there are very low-cost car seats that may be an option for you.

The WIC program offers a free car seat program for new parents who are in need. This program is available in most states and helps to ensure that all new parents have a safe and reliable way to transport their new baby. To apply for this program, new parents can speak with their WIC caseworker and request an application.

Once the application is filled out and returned, the WIC caseworker will send it to the sponsoring program. New parents will then be notified of when the car seat is ready to be picked up.

To apply, set up an appointment at the WIC clinic closest to you. You can also call 1-800-252-5942.

Before granting you a free car seat, Medicaid wants to make sure that you know how to appropriately use the car seat. Medicaid would want you to register in a short course that educates you about car seat safety. This aims to promote safety and awareness of using car seats. The parents will also know the ways how to install a car seat properly. 

Contact your local health department to check if they offer free car seats. They might also need you to take a car safety class. Instructors will help you in making sure the seat is installed in your car properly. 

If you receive any government help, your contact at the program(s) might be able to direct you to free programs or offer vouchers for buying a car seat. They might also guide other government programs you might be qualified for.

Before taking the help of any programs, check if the coupon you get will benefit you. Fire stations, Police stations, pediatrician offices, and more might be aware of programs that provide you with an exchange as your kid grows or if the seat becomes damaged.

Why safety is important for kids

When we look at data from the Arizona Department of Transportation, we could see that when accidents happen the children who were using safety devices are safer than those who were not accurately restrained.

In this state, there were 11,055 total car crashes involving children who were restrained in the accurate safety devices. Out of these accidents, more than 91% of the kids sustained no injury at all.
Here, you will get a brief on   Arizona car seat laws so you know what it takes to keep your child safe and remain legal on the streetway.


As you can see, there are great places where you could find free baby stuff like car seats for low-income families. These organizations are there to help, so do not be afraid to contact them.

There are even methods to get pregnancy-freebies that would help you save some money for when the baby arrives. And, do not forget to give our guidelines, such as setting up a baby registry and signing up for programs. Hopefully, this post helps you find free stuff for your baby rapidly and efficiently.

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