A car seat is one of the important basics of your new baby. The issue is in spite of going for a low-budget option car seats can be pricey. On the other hand, experts are against buying a used car seat. Isn’t it an annoying situation? 

To your relief, the government has free car seat programs. Free car seat programs in Colorado 2022, the ultimate guide for you and will introduce suitable free car Seat programs with advantages and contact details. Just not that much is the organization’s website link who provides free car seat programs. And the end of the article expert advice on the requirements to get free car seat programs in Colorado. 

So let’s drag into the main topic.

Free car seat programs in Colorado (2022)

Free car seat programs in Colorado

Car Safety Seat and Bike Helmet Program for Children

Harms to kids from car accidents are always unexpectedly unacceptable.  But in case it happens it will be preventable. And you will get some opportunities if you are a low-income family living in Montezuma County. Montezuma County’s public health department will provide a Car Safety Seat and Bike Helmet Program for Children to help you as well. 

This program also offers free aid and education to families and early childhood professionals. Their first priority is child safety education and bike safety, offering free helmets and fittings. Above this, they also deliver services around emergency preparedness.  And lead help health and safety efforts influencing young children in the case of a major crisis.

Contact them at (970) 565-3056 (Central Phone Number), (970) 565-0647 to find out more about this program click here.  

Colorado car seat safety 

In Colorado finding free car seat programs is a very suitable place. You can search for ‘free car seat programs’ on their homepage. The results will include places that provide free car seat programs.

Safe Kids Larimer County and partners

Safe Kids Larimer County and partners are glad to offer courses for families in need of financial help with a car seat/booster seat for their child. Its mission is to deliver an environment in Colorado where every child is appropriately secured in an authorized and proper way. To get free car seat programs in colorado you can visit their website by clicking here or you can contact them by clicking “contact us” from their website.

Inner City health center

Inner City health center extends its program statewide and offers all patients, however, the inability to pay, dignity, and high-quality care focused on their needs. Inner City health center also supplies free car seats to parents who are in need of a car seat for their child and are unable to afford one. For those programs, you have to be eligible for their course to know the working of the car seat before applying. You can contact them at 303-940- 9118.303-303-940-9118

Custer County

Custer County provides car seats at no charge, they do not rent them any longer. They also provide human service, veterans service, and other welfare programs also. The contact information for Custer County is 

Phone: 783-2371

Office: 719-783-3369

email: [email protected]

Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center

Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, is popular for keeping babies warm and well. To people, who hope pregnancy is focused on supplying aid and are dealing with unplanned pregnancies. They also accept grants for baby equipment like cribs and car seats. 

For completing courses they have a program where you can earn points and these can be redeemed for free car seats and other help. They give coupons for almost everything and include free car seats too. You can reach them at (860) 599-3285.

Delaware Opportunities Inc.

Delaware Opportunities Inc. is a not-for-profit, private organization, that provides a car seat donation program. Via their aid, low-income families can get free car seats. More details on the program can be found here.

Delaware general health district has cooperated with safe kids worldwide to provide seat checks, seat installation, and distribution of seats to training locals of Delaware. You can mail at [email protected] or phone (607)746-1600.

Phone:  (607) 746-1600

Alternative ways to get free car seats in California

We must say WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is the best and first place to check when you are looking for a free car seat. Ask ‎them about their free car seat program if you are already enlisted in WIC. Most WIC programs demand‎ to take a short class to know about car seat safety and usage. And in return, you get a coupon that ‎can be used to buy a car seat.

Insurance Providers are reasonable negligibly more than your other options. However, you need to call them to inquire if your insurance will cover a free infant seat or booster seat.

You can also request your local church for help. And they will be happy to get you in contact with a charity or institute that delivers resources to low-income families.

Hospitals are another potential place to get free car seats without any cost. They will either help you or lead you towards some renowned local resources.

Buckle-up works at a national level for life and has donated 61,858 car seats so far to low-income families. They collaborate with different organizations at a local level to deliver resources, education, and training to parents all over the country. Participants in their child passenger safety courses, and families in need, qualify to get a free car seat get proper help.

You can also get comfort in your local CPST, or “child passenger safety technician”. These car seat specialists are trained by Safe Kids, noted here, to help parents and parents-to-be with everything to do with car seats.

If you’re facing problems finding out where to obtain a car seat on your budget, CPSTs may be your largest help. They can offer you some advice on affordable car seats that are ideal for your child and vehicle.

You may notice some police and fire experts in many places are also certified CPSTs as an alternative way. Even if they aren’t, most police/fire departments have the aids demanded to assist you to find the proper place to go.

Requirements to get free car seat programs in Colorado

You will likely prepare to accept a free car seat if you are on Medicaid while pregnant. You can apply by contacting your Medicaid office after attending a course on car seat safety. 

In order to get a free infant car seat from a government program, usually the applicant demands to be on some form of public aid. These may be benefits such as SNAP food stamps, TANF cash assistance, and Medicaid if the mother is on WIC.

Colorado’s Child Passenger Safety Law

Parents and guardians will be responsible for properly controlling a child and will be ticketed if they fail to do so. All your safety seats should be installed and fitted according to the vehicle owner’s manual and manufacturer’s instructions. Guardians can be drawn if their child is not correctly restrained. Keepers may face additional charges if the law is not obeyed and the child is injured.

For more details about Colorado’s Child Passenger Safety Law click here.

Colorado Car Seat Safety Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free car seats near colorado?

Car Safety Seat and Bike Helmet Program for Children, Colorado car seat safety, Safe Kids Larimer County and partners, local Hospitals, or Police/Fire Department can help you by providing details to get free car seats near colorado.

Is it safe to buy old car seats?

Do not buy a used car seat if you can’t verify the age of the seat. There should be a manufacturer’s label on the back. You need to check it where give the manufacture date and/or specific expiration date. All car seats and boosters have expiration dates. We will suggest not to waste money paying on something going to be expired early. 

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are no proper single references to get free car seat programs. So you need to do some research to discover the best seat that’s suitable for you.

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