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1TrainstopTrainstopView on Amazon
2The Lion & the MouseThe Lion & the MouseView on Amazon
3Flashlight: (Picture Books, Wordless Books for Kids, Children's Nature Books)Flashlight: (Picture Books, Wordless Books for Kids, Children’s Nature Books)View on Amazon
4Good Dog, CarlGood Dog, CarlView on Amazon
5The SnowmanThe SnowmanView on Amazon
6Anno's JourneyAnno’s JourneyView on Amazon
7Spot, the CatSpot, the CatView on Amazon
8FloatFloatView on Amazon
9Pancakes for BreakfastPancakes for BreakfastView on Amazon
10A Ball for Daisy: (Caldecott Medal Winner) (Caldecott Medal - Winner Title(s))A Ball for Daisy: (Caldecott Medal Winner) (Caldecott Medal – Winner Title(s))View on Amazon

Wordless‌ ‌Picture‌ ‌Books‌ ‌For‌ ‌Preschoolers‌ ‌

wordless‌ ‌picture‌ ‌books‌ ‌for‌ ‌preschoolers

1. Trainstop

By – Barbara Lehman

  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 32 pages

“I have a 1-year-old kid who was impressed with each page of this book! The pop-up is simple but big. Frankly, it’s good for me because it’s difficult to rip for kids.
There are also audio buttons to make it easier for young children to read and give books.
Each page contains great information on all the machines on the construction site. Good information and nice illustrations! The best construction book on my mountain!” – Review

Best Wordless Picture Books For Preschoolers

2. The Lion & The Mouse

By – Jerry Pinkney

The Lion & the Mouse
  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 40 pages

“The lion and the mouse is a very old story, so most people can tell it to their kids without a problem. This book has no words, but don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Aesop’s fables before the 13th century.

The story unfolds simply by explaining each beautiful and detailed page. When adults decorate the story, young children will love it, so without a word, readers are encouraged to put their spin on the action every time they open this book. Also, encourage your child to use their imagination to do the same to follow your lead as they tell their own stories.” – Review by a mom

Wordless Picture Books For Toddlers

3. Flashlight: (Picture Books, Wordless Books For Kids, Children’S Nature Books)

By – Lizi Boyd

Flashlight: (Picture Books, Wordless Books for Kids, Children's Nature Books)
  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 39 pages

“This is my absolutely amazing children’s book! Each page caught the heart of this grandma. Grandchildren liked to look for things, name them, check peep through holes, and count all kinds of animals and flowers. A really interesting book to “read” without words! If I’m you, this will put it at the top of my purchase list!” – Review

Children’S Wordless Picture Books

4. Good Dog, Carl

By – Alexandra Day

Good Dog, Carl
  • Language: English
  • Print Length: English
  • “Bought the board book version for my son who is close to 16 months old. This is a good book. With only words at the beginning and end of the book, the story of each page really depends on your imagination.

    A good poison Carl’s book makes no sense in most parts of what I enjoy, but other parents may not. This is a classic book series about kids, babysitting dogs, and their adventures together.

    My son himself enjoys turning books, and I enjoy pointing the pages and talking to his son about his silly adventures. I recommend this to everyone and will give my son the whole series.” – Review

    Best Wordless Picture Books For Toddlers

    5. The Snowman

    By – Raymond Briggs

    The Snowman
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 32 pages

    I’ve liked the animated version of the snowman since I was a kid in the ’80s. I didn’t realize it was published in the ’70s (understood!).

    But it’s timeless! Anyone who loves the magic of eyes and imagination is impressed with this story.

    Hand-painted It loads like a comic, except for amazing examples. There is no text, so all ages can enjoy the story. – Review

    Wordless Picture Books For Kindergarten

    6. Anno’S Journey

    By – Mitsumasa Anno

    Anno's Journey
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 48 pages

    “What a gorgeous book. Since the book has no words, only pictures, it is very easy to read. This is a fantastic book for children who can’t read yet as well as adults who want to enjoy the lovely artwork.” – Review

    Wordless Picture Book Activities For Preschoolers

    7. Spot, The Cat

    By – Henry Cole

    Spot, the Cat
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 32 pages

    An unspoken picture book by award-winning writer and illustrator Henry Cole, simple and lovely images tell the story of a cat named Spot going in and out of the city.

    Throughout this wonderful visual story, Henry Cole presents a cat day called Spot. Spot travels silently through the windows that are open at home. Watch as Spot roams the busy streets of the city, visits the produce markets, strolls through kite-filled parks, and more.

    But when Spot leaves the adventure, his beloved boy Master is looking for him. He will be absent every time. When everything seems to be almost gone, the story of the place reminds us that there is always a way home.

    Good Wordless Picture Books

    8. Float

    By – Daniel Miyares

    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 48 pages

    “It is a picture book. I passed this book on to my cousin who had a deep connection with paper ships. This book has beautiful pictures.

    The story is that the boy builds a paper boat… It starts to rain, and the ship is destroyed.

    The boy goes home sad. Father helps son build another boat. This book may contain a variety of powerful messages, such as: If it fails, build again.” – Review

    Kindergarten Wordless Picture Books

    9. Pancakes For Breakfast

    By – Tomie dePaola

    Pancakes for Breakfast
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 32 pages

    As a small elderly lady struggles to make pancakes for breakfast, this wordless picture book recounts her tribulations and tribulation When it comes to small children, this book appeals to them because of the woman’s positive outlook on life and her pleasant. -School Library Journal

    Wordless Books For Toddlers

    10. A Ball For Daisy: (Caldecott Medal Winner) (Caldecott Medal – Winner Title(S))

    By – Chris Raschka

    A Ball for Daisy: (Caldecott Medal Winner) (Caldecott Medal - Winner Title(s))
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 33 pages

    This is a wordless picture book. But how you look at it, it’s still a great book. It offers very sweet messages and cute illustrations. My daughter, who didn’t know it was wordless, said the boy had it at school and she liked it.

    So I ordered without reading the second half. At first, I was disappointed, but after “reading” it, it wasn’t. Really cute. You will probably buy another daisy book on the back of this book. Pictures show fun, joy, curiosity, and sadness in that order. But there is a sweet little happy ending. – Review

    Wordless Books For Preschoolers Students

    11. Fossil

    By – Bill Thomson

    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 40 pages

    When the boy and his dog go hiking, the boy is stumbling on fossils, and it is clear that ancient plants are alive.

    The boy is cutting off two fossil dragonflies and a pteranodon to survive, which is very interesting. When these prehistoric creatures collide with present-day reality, the boy must devise a way to properly restore things.

    This “silent story” that visually speaks through art is sure to stimulate imagination and creativity.


    12. Red Again

    By – Barbara Lehman

    Red Again
    • Language: English
    • Print Length: 32 pages

    When the boy finds a book abandoned on the roadside, it opens a window for other worlds, like the real world, just like his own. But what if the two worlds collide?

    The Caldeco Tooner Award-winning Red Book’s imaginative companion works in a continuous loop, showing that the story never ends.

    Fans of the previous book will be pleased to see the story go on, but no prior knowledge is required to understand or invite this book. this is one of the best wordless picture books.

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