In this article, we will explore quotes about children who disrespect their parents. We all know that children can be disrespectful at times and it is always a difficult situation for both the child and the parent. In some cases, children may have been neglected or abused by their parents which may lead to them being more rebellious.

However, there are many children out there who just do not listen to their parents because they were never taught better manners from a young age. Now let’s dive into the quotes!

Children Who Disrespect Their Parents Quotes

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Parents must be treated with respect, whether one wants to strangle them or not. – Loretta Chase

No matter how knowledgeable you are, respect your parents for their experience and your children for their curiosity. – Amit Kalantri

“Why were children the only ones who ever got to meltdown?” ― Yūko Tsushima

“I never tolerate disrespect or betrayal.” ― S.R. Crawford

My brothers and I were raised by our parents to respect everyone regardless of background or race. – Alan Wilson

“It is human to be angry, but childish to be controlled by anger.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I wasn’t rebellious. Other friends had far stricter parents and where there wasn’t a relationship of respect and communication, they were usually the opposite; kids go to the other extreme. – Randa Abdel-Fattah

Few parents nowadays pay any regard to what their children say to them. The old fashioned respect for the young is fast dying out. – Oscar Wilde

We write not only for children but also for their parents. They, too, are serious children. – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Whenever we release our need to be right about everything as parents, we are able to meet our children in a relationship of mutuality and respect. – Arjuna Ardagh

I have not wept since the death of my parents,” said Luxa quietly. “But I am thought to be unnatural in this respect. – Suzanne Collins

Children see in their parents the past, their parents see in them the future; and if we find more love in the parents for their children than in children for their parents, this is sad but natural. Who does not entertain his hopes more than his recollections. – John Ruskin

Quotes About Disrespectful Child

“Wars and temper tantrums are the makeshifts of ignorance; regrets are illuminations come too late.”― Joseph Campbell

“Ask not the grass to give you green, and later walk all over it.” ― Anthony Liccione

Parents need to teach their children principles of respect and acceptance. – Zachary Quinto

How can children credit the assertions of parents, which their own eyes show them to be false? Few parents act in such a manner as much to enforce their maxims by the credit of their lives – Samuel Johnson

In great countries, children are always trying to remain children, and the parents want to make them into adults. In vile countries, the children are always wanting to be adults and the parents want to keep them children. – John Ruskin

Three thousand people died at ground zero. Their families are entitled to a little bit of respect, to respect the memory of those poor people that died there. And how about the families of all those soldiers that died in the two ensuing wars? Aren’t they entitled to a little bit of respect – the kids, the wives, the parents? – Carl Paladino

Parents and children seldom act in concert: each child endeavours to appropriate the esteem or fondness of the parents, and the parents, with yet less temptation, betray each other to their children. – Samuel Johnson

Dad needs to show an incredible amount of respect and humor and friendship toward his mate so the kids understand their parents are sexy, they’re fun, they do things together, they’re best friends. Kids learn by example. If I respect Mom, they’re going to respect Mom. – Tim Allen

“Playing victim to situations you can walk away from is disrespectful to people who face positions where they can’t.” ― Dominic Riccitello

On the set of Besharam I had to refrain from smoking, out of respect for my parents – Ranbir Kapoor

Parents of young children should realize that few people, and maybe no one, will find their children as enchanting as they do. – Barbara Walters

“There’s nothing worse than having a fit and no one giving you the proper attention for it.” ― Christina Henry

I ask the educational system, the parents, the church, and pillars of the community to help shape a new culture of honesty, patriotism, respect, discipline and service for young Filipinos. – Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

My Grown Son Is Disrespectful Quotes

If you as parents cut corners, your children will too. If you lie, they will too. If you spend all your money on yourselves and tithe no portion of it for charities, colleges, churches, synagogues, and civic causes, your children won’t either. And if parents snicker at racial and gender jokes, another generation will pass on the poison adults still have not had the courage to snuff out. – Marian Wright Edelman

“Do not allow yourself to be blinded by fear and anger. Everything is only as it is.” ― Yuki Urishibara

“It is when you are angry that you must watch how you talk.” ― Chaim Potok

Parents have too little respect for their children, just as the children have too much for the parents. – Ivy Compton-Burnett

My parents started a business out of the living room of our home and, 30-plus years later, it was a multimillion dollar company. So, President Obama, with all due respect, don’t tell me that my parents didn’t build their business. – Nikki Haley

Both my parents were immigrants, as were many of their friends, the parents of the children with whom I grew up. Of course I respect and admire immigrants and their undeniable contributions to America, as we all should. – Jan C. Ting

“Be leery of silence. It doesn’t mean you won the argument. Often, people are just busy reloading their guns.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Rock gives children, on a silver platter, with all the public authority of the entertainment industry, everything their parents always used to tell them they had to wait for until they grew up and would understand later. – Allan Bloom

Disrespectful Daughter Quotes

One of the important lessons I learned from my parents is always to respect authority figures like teachers. – Georges St-Pierre

Parents with meager means have the same aspirations for their children as other parents. Children from poor families have the same needs as other children. – Mark Sanford

“Those who disrespect you with their mouth don’t deserve your ear.” ― Curtis Tyrone Jones

“Don’t take things personally. But don’t condone disrespect.” ― Izey Victoria Odiase

“Those who make hostility a daily manner are often left in the lurch at difficult times.” — Michael Bassey Johnson

“Bitter people are not interested in what you say, but what you hide.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Public school is a place of detention for children placed in the care of teachers who are afraid of the principal, principals who are afraid of the school board, school boards who are afraid of the parents, parents who are afraid of the children, and children who are afraid of nobody. – Unknown

“No disrespect is a world away from respect and admiration.”― Susanne Dunlap

Quotes About Son Hurting His Mother

The importance of human life should be universally respected – and that refers to children before they are born and after. All children have the right to be brought up in a loving two-parent family where the notion of divorce is not even possible. – Christopher Monckton

“If you threw your shoe to someone’s head, you spread your own stench.” ― Angelica Hopes

“Tantrums are not bad behavior. Tantrums are an expression of emotion that became too much for the child to bear. No punishment is required. What your child needs is compassion and safe, loving arms to unload in.” ― Rebecca Eanes

Parents lend children their experience and a vicarious memory; children endow their parents with a vicarious immortality. – George Santayana

There is no greater reason for children to honour parents than for parents to honour children except, that while the children are young, the parents are stronger than children. – Bertrand Russell

“Staying silent is like slow-growing cancer to the soul and a trait of a true coward. There is nothing intelligent about not standing up for yourself. You may not win every battle. However, everyone will at least know what you stood for — YOU.” ― Shannon L. Alder

Bad parents think it’s everyone else’s fault and responsibility when little Joey or Jane turns out to be a societal nightmare. Good parents do everything they can to take up time with their children, teach their children and be responsible for their children so they can be successful in society. – Unknown

“Pity, I knew, was just disrespect wrapped in kindness. I had to address it early, or it would grow unwieldy in time.” ― Veronica Roth

Parent Child Relationship Quotes

Parents, however old they and we may grow to be, serve among other things to shield us from a sense of our doom. As long as they are around, we can avoid the fact of our mortality; we can still be innocent children. – Jane Howard

My parents were terrific – mother was a church organist and my father was probably the most respected person in our church outside of the minister and sometimes maybe that much. The neighbors all called him – a gentleman. – Jane Pauley

My parents loved each other. I was raised in a house of total love and respect. My dad worked very hard and my mother was incredibly devoted to him. I can unequivocally, without any peradventure of doubt, tell you that I was raised with the kind of love that we only dream of. – James Woods

These are all voluntary resources which help parents sort out the choices without infringing on the artists’ rights to free speech, which is something that we respect. – Tipper Gore

I believe that the fight against crime starts in the home. Parents must take responsibility for their children and show them love and guidance from an early age so they learn to respect the rights of others. – Blanche Lincoln

Wherever I look, I see signs of the commandment to honor one’s parents and nowhere of a commandment that calls for the respect of a child. – Alice Miller

“Most kids would not respect their parents as much as they do, or even at all if they knew how intellectually undemanding is the role they played in their creation.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“When people don’t respect one another seldom is their honesty.” ― Shannon L. Alder

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength. Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence. Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain. – Soniya Ahmed

Quotes About Disrespecting Your Father

“Temper tantrums, however, fun they may be to throw, rarely solve whatever problem is causing them.”― Lemony Snicket

Among the other values children should be taught are respect for others, beginning with the child’s own parents and family; respect for the symbols of faith and the patriotic beliefs of others; respect for law and order; respect for the property of others; respect for authority. – James E. Faust

“Adults often treat each other as children, and children as adults.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“And I just want to tell you, at some point, it doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong. At some point, being angry is just another bad habit, like smoking, and you keep poisoning yourself without thinking about it.” ― Jonathan Tropper

Our children are not going to be just our children-they are going to be other people’s husbands and wives and the parents of our grandchildren. – Dr Mary S Calderone

My whole childhood was like: Work hard, be quiet, respect elderly people, respect your parents, and just be unobtrusive. – Mindy Kaling

Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up. – Ezra Taft Benson

Daughter Disrespectful To Mother Quotes

Children always assume the s..ual lives of their parents come to a grinding halt at their conception. – Alan Bennett

Born of a noble father and a saintly mother, President Hinckley learned as a young boy the truths of the restored gospel from his faithful parents. He came to respect deeply and value highly his pioneer heritage. – Joseph B. Wirthlin

“No one has ever envied someone for their impatience or the intensity of their anger.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Treat people like people. Beware of pity and patronization because, in them, you can’t see when you’re unashamedly looking down on someone.” ― Criss Jami

It’s very important that we instill some respect for the parents. In America especially, the kids are unruly, screaming at Mommy and Daddy, running the show. – Ziggy Marley

The best security blanket a child can have is parents who respect each other. – Jan Blaustone

We live in a decaying age. Young people no longer respect their parents. They are rude and impatient. They frequently inhabit taverns and have no self control. – R. Buckminster Fuller

“And there is nothing more dangerous in this world, in any world, than someone calm, clear and angry.” ― Audrey Hart

Respect gods before demigods, heroes before men, and first among men your parents; but respect yourself most of all. – Pythagoras

These are all voluntary resources which help parents sort out the choices without infringing on the artists rights to free speech, which is something that we respect. – Tipper Gore

A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone. – Billy Graham

Child Disrespectful To Parents Quotes

“I feel as though I can chew up nails and spit out a barbed wire fence.” ― Khloe Beutler

“Strong anger can only make you weaker than you already are.” ― Munia Khan

As you get older you have more respect and empathy for your parents. Now I have a great relationship with both of them. – Hugh Jackman

All children alarm their parents, if only because you are forever expecting to encounter yourself. – Gore Vidal

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence. – Unknown

I can’t tell you how much I respect all the single parents out there doing it all solo. – Jennie Finch

I think I have a newfound respect for what my parents did, to create two players – one who was really good and another who was pretty good. – Patrick McEnroe

I looked at some of the statues of Jesus; they were just stones with no life. When they said that God is three, I was puzzled even more but could not argue. I believed it, simply because I had to have respect for the faith of my parents. – Cat Stevens

People who choose not to have kids do so because they respect the job of parenting so much that they know not to take it on if they know it’s not something that they’re up for, and I don’t know what to be a bigger tribute to parenting than that. – Meghan Daum

When I first saw a picture of the crucifixion, I lost respect for my parents. I suddenly realised that this is what the adult world is like – full of cruelty and hypocrisy. – Vivienne Westwood

“Choose your battles wisely. After all, life isn’t measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It’s not winning battles that makes you happy, but it’s how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. Life is too short to spend it on warring. Fight only the most, most, most important ones, let the rest go.”― C. JoyBell C.

Behold, the third time I am ready to come to you; and I will not be burdensome to you: for I seek not your’s but you: for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children. – Bible

“I have learned that I should be careful with the words I choose to say when I am angry because later, those words always leave a huge wound of regrets in my heart besides hurting the loved ones. Those wounds can’t be healed!” ― Nino Varsimashvili

It is never easy to hear that your child has been disrespectful. When it happens, you might feel like giving up on them or getting angry and yelling back at them. The best thing for any parent to do when they are faced with a disobedient child is to take an active role in their discipline and work towards correcting the behavior so that it does not continue into adulthood. Remember, we live in a society where children become adults every day. We should be teaching our kids how to behave now while there’s still time!

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