If you purchased Britax b-safe 35 car seat for your children to sit in, it makes them comfy. But, it is time to clean the car seat. Are you just freaking out and thinking about how to wash it? How do you remove every part of the car seat? And do you use hand washing or machine washing? If all these questions spin in your head, you came into the right place to know every detail to clean Britax b-safe 35 car seat. 

Before cleaning Britax b safe 35 car seat, you must follow some instructions. Take off the car’s fabric cover, buckle, canopy, and harness straps. Used cold or normal water and mild soap to clean the cover and harness straps. Warm freshwater should be used to clean the buckle. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to clean a Britax b-safe 35 car seat in-depth and provide instructions or guidelines on what to do and what not to do.

How to Clean Britax b safe 35 Car Seat
How to Clean Britax b safe 35 Car Seat

Can you wash Britax b safe 35 car seat? 

You can wash Britax b-safe 35 car seats because it designs SafeWash covers. Every child’s safety seat has a removable flame-resistant cover that can be washed. You just need to remove the car seat’s cover, buckle, canopy, and harness straps. The head, shoulder pads, and body pads are also washable. 

Britax b safe 35 car seat washing instructions

Here, you can quickly look at what to do or not to do during washing the Britax b safe 35 car seat. 


  • Use a brush with a soft bristle.
  • Sponge clean
  • Use warm water and mild soap
  • Safe to Machine wash and dry 
  • Use cleaner and microfiber cloth


  • Do not use solvents
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar 
  • Ignore Ironing  

How to remove Britax b-safe 35 car seat from the base?

You have to pull up on the infant car seat to verify the attachment. Hold the release lever on the infant car seat lift’s back. Then all you have to do is remove the infant car seat from the base.

How to remove the cover of Britax b safe 35 car seat?

Before removing the cover from a Britax b safe 35 car seat, you must follow specific guidelines. The steps for removing the cover of the car seat are shown below.  

Step 1: Unhook the elastic on the side of the canopy to remove it. Then, while lifting, press the button to disconnect the canopy; repeat on the opposite side. From both sides, take off the canopy. 

Step 2: Look at the bottom side of the infant car seat and take it away from the seat to loosen the buckle strap holder so the short side may go through the infant car seat’s slot.

Step 3: Take off the body pad and comfort pads. Then release the hook and loop connectors from around the harness straps and remove the headrest cover. Finally, take off the cover tab to loosen the seat cover and lift the seat cover away from the seat shell.  

Can I machine wash the Britax b safe 35 car seat cover?

The majority of the child restraint car seat covers are machine washable. The SafeWash Britax fabric is safe to wash and dry in the machine. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean under the fabric cover in the corner seat shell and remove dust and pieces of food. 

During machine wash use cold water, rinse well, and dry surfaces. Just set the washing machine to gentle and cold water. After washing, It would be air dried to avoid shrinkage, or you can hang the cover on the hanger for drying. Remember not to dry the cover by using the dryer and not to hang it in direct sunlight. 

How to hand wash Britax b safe 35 car seat covers?

Many car seats can only be hand washed. If you want to hand wash the cover or any part of the car seat, use mild soap, a sponge, and water. 

Wipe off the plastic and corner area of the car seat with a cleaner and a microfiber cloth. The Britax 35 car seat’s fabric is safe to machine wash and dry. 

How to wash Britax b safe 35 car seat cover?

Both ways you can wash the car seat either hand wash or machine wash. Cleaning the newborn car seat more frequently is necessary to keep your child safe from bacteria. If cleaning the car seat with a hand wash is easy for you, then do so.

Best Britax Infant car seat

SLProduct LinksKey features 
1Britax all in one car seat- Infant to big kid. ImageConvertible car seatCup holder spaceEasy to install
2Britax Marathon Convertible Car SeatWell fit chest buckleEasy to cleanSafety features 

1. Britax All in One Car Seat- Infant to grown kid

Infant to grown kids rises with convertible One4Life car seats. It is a comfortable, safe and convenient car seat, which is easily transferred to the booster mode for your big kids. 

This car seat includes stretch athleisure fabric, ClickTight installation and rear-facing infant to forward-facing aspect attached 5 points harness belt. This Britax car seat can be easily installed in just 3 steps. So, the parents do not need to overthink the car seat installation. 

Crash energy is absorbed by a high-strength steel frame, Crumple zone, and V-shaped tether. The Britax has a removable car seat cover, and it is machine washable. The car seat also adds a dual cup holder. 


  • Brand: BRITAX 
  • Color: Spark 
  • Product Dimensions: ‎20.5 x 19.5 x 25 (inches)
  • Minimum weight: 5 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 120 pounds


  • Easy installation 
  • Safe and Sturdy 
  • Safe machine washable 
  • Dual cup holder 


  • Bit heavy car seat 

2. Britax Convertible Car Seat- Marathon ClickTight

To be free from worry and drive a long way with your child the perfect solution is the Britax Marathon ClickTight car seat. This Britax convertible car seat converts from rear-facing to forward-facing modes. This car seat has 7 reclining positions. It’s easy to adjust the straps and recline. 

The superior side impact protection and overall strong structure ensure the safety of infants. Click Tight technology makes securing the harness super easy and accurate. 

It can hold babies from 4 to 65 pounds and comes with an infant insert and support to ensure that babies are comfortable. Machine washable padding is the key. There is no need to utilize the extra cleaning component.


  • Brand: BRITAX 
  • Color: Verve 
  • Product Dimensions: ‎23 x 18.5 x 23.5 (inches)
  • Minimum weight: 5 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 65 pounds


  • Ease to installation 
  • Convertible  
  • Perfect chest buckle 
  • Machine washable pads 


  • Short crotch strap
  • No cup holder 


You can clean Britax b-safe 35 car seat because it’s safe to machine wash and dry. Depending on individual desires, you can clean the car seat using either a machine or hand wash. There are basic guidelines that need to be followed that make it easy to clean the car seat and keep your infant away from bacteria and germs. 

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