Are you looking for a free car seat program in Indiana? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with information on how to find a free car seat program in Indiana, as well as why car seat safety is important. We will also provide you with alternative ways of finding free car seat programs in Indiana. Finally, we will provide you with the car seat law of Indiana.

List of Free car seat programs in Indiana (2022)

Free car seat programs in Indiana

Decatur Township Fire Department(DTFD)

The Decatur Township Fire Department has partnered with Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to provide free car seats to families with financial problems. 

The Car Seat Clinics program is sponsored by non-profit organizations and private businesses. It provides inspection and free education about car seats for parents. 

All of Marion County departments that participate in the program do give car seats if the individual meets the requirements set forth by the program. 

To apply, you must fill out the application form. Representatives will contact you and make an appointment. 

You need to be on the government-assistance list to get seats for free. If you are not on the government-assistance list, you can still get a car seat for $25. 

DTFD only gives free car seats if they meet the requirements. They ask for a $25 donation if you are able.

Community Health Network

Community Health Network provides a free car seat program for families or single parents who are struggling financially. This program helps all community hospitals and their members. Therefore, if you need assistance, you can contact the Community Health Network at their toll-free number 800-777-7775 or chat with an agent on their website.

Spencer County Health Department

The Spencer County Health Department offers free child safety seats for children that meet low-income financial eligibility. The health department has provided more than 3,000 car seats to protect the children since the child safety seat program began in April 2004. The car seats are available to children from newborn through 8 years old.

Alternative ways to get free car seat in Indiana

One way is to contact Safe Kids Worldwide. This organization is committed to keeping children safe from injuries, and has over 400 different Safe Kids coalitions throughout the United States. They offer resources and training for Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs), who are people who go through extensive training on everything one needs to know about car seats. 

Another way to get a free car seat is through Baby 2 Baby, a national organization that strives to help children who are living in poverty ages 0-12. They partner with and donate to several organizations around the country that help provide essentials to parents and children, and you may be able to get a free car seat through one of their partner organizations. 

You can also check with your local government departments catering to women and children. These departments exist to help women and children get the help they need, and they may have resources available to help you get a free car seat. 

If you’re struggling to find out where to obtain a car seat on your budget, CPSTs may be your biggest help. They are constantly going through extra training and need to be informed of all car seats on the market, and can give you a few suggestions of affordable car seats that are suitable for your child and vehicle.

What are the car seat requirements in Indiana?

In Indiana, children under the age of 12 months and 20 pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing car seat. This law is a minimum requirement; newer seats are coming with a 40-pound weight limit. It is recommended to keep children rear-facing for as long as possible. You can read more about Indiana car seat laws here.

Are second-hand car seats safe for the baby?

No, they are not! Second-hand car seats always serve multiple family members and their children, and they may contain safety problems, weaknesses, or any other hidden damages or harms that parents may not observe instantly.

If you obtain a seat in the thrift stores, you cannot ask the previous owner about the car seat’s history since they might not know, so you must know the seat’s history in order to decide whether it is safe for your child to use.

The main aim of car seats is to protect your little ones. They should be able to absorb external forces, pressure, and energy from the critical body parts. This way, children remain untouchable.

All the features of your car seats must be present, correctly installed, and attached. They should be in proper working order and free from potential recalls or any other harm. Use our checklist to help you decide whether to consider using a second-hand seat.

Final Thought

If you are in need of a free car seat, there are a few options available to you in the state of Indiana. You can check with your local police or fire department, as many of them have resources available to help you find free car seat programs. You can also reach out to your nearest state agency, such as the Indiana Department of Health, for more information on free car seat programs.

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